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Simply Russian happiness!

For a metropolitan citizen it is hard to drop everything and fly to a place where birches are rustling, the campfire is smoking, and where you can hear the wash of waves sitting under a gentle light of a Big Dipper…

Seek, and ye shall find and traktir Tary-Bary you will find easily: it is at Saratov downtown, intriguing to step inside from a dusty city street into a cozy venue, here you can feel the broadness of Russian soul, where the imagination draws the vastness of countryside, andlocal cuisine impresses with variety and taste.

For the «Tari-Bari» chefs
there is nothing impossible

Anyone could become a tsar there, where he could be welcomed, nourished and seen off. Although, hardly anyone would like to leave a fairytale that every guest could experience in «Tari-Bari».

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Children First

Every Saturday and Sunday from October up to April from 15.00 till 17.00 the children of our guests have a chance to experience Russian antiquity – to learn more about their ancestors’ life, take part in role-playing of folk fables.

Practice has shown that our children that аre so up-to-date, great on new mobile phones models and always surfing the Internet, suddenly with a great pleasure start taking interest in Russian culture, if you only present it with fun.

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Booking the table:
8 (8452) 39-79-39

c. Saratov, st. Chapaeva, 64
(In front of the circus)

Working hours:
from 10.00 till 23.00 (mon-fri)
from 11.00 till 23.00 (sat and sun)

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