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  • Creme brulee
    250 RUB.
    Creme brulee

    Weight in grams: 145 g.

  • Homemade marmalade
    150 RUB.
    Homemade marmalade

    Weight in grams: 160 g.

  • Taiga ice cream
    195 RUB.
    Taiga ice cream

    Weight in grams: 130 g.

  • Ice-cream (plombieres or chocolateice-cream)
    125 RUB.
    Ice-cream (plombieres or chocolateice-cream)

    Weight in grams: 100 g.

  • Bananas Flambe
    195 RUB.
    Bananas Flambe

    Bananas with cognac-cream sauce with strawberries and ice-cream.

    Weight in grams300 g.

  • Tiramisu
    225 RUB.

    Weight in grams170 g.