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Coffee list

For coffee and caffeinated drinks we use the best Italian variety "DOPPIO" from the world’s leading coffee manufacturer "DANESI"


is a result of fine blending of beans from Kenya, Ethiopia, Brazil and Central America. It satisfies the standard for making an Italian espresso: mildly dark roast, gentle flavor with chocolate and crème accent, acid-free, with glorious aftertaste, like an aftertaste after a glass of a fine wine.

  • Coffee in the sand
    170 RUB.
    Coffee in the sand

    Portion volume: 70 g.

  • Espresso
    115 RUB.

    Portion volume: 50 g.

  • Cappuccino
    155 RUB.

    Portion volume: 150 g.

  • Glace
    150 RUB.

    Portion volume: 200 g.

  • Irish coffee
    380 RUB.
    Irish coffee

    Portion volume: 200 g.

  • Latte classic
    165 RUB.
    Latte classic

    Portion volume: 230 g.

  • Hot Chocolate
    165 RUB.
    Hot Chocolate

    Portion volume: 150 g.